Technodystopia: Are we heading towards Blade Runner?

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Technodystopia: Are we heading towards Blade Runner?

In 1982, Blade Runner floored audiences with its technodystopian predictions of the future. Almost 30 years on, some of the projections of Blade Runner seem absurd, yet others seem eerily accurate. How successful is art and film at predicting our future? Should we pay more attention to the artists that creatively explore what might come to be?

We invite students, faculty and friends to join us, Centre for AI and Digital Ethics and the Faculty of Engineering and IT, for a screening of Blade Runner. The film will be followed by a conversation between Prof Tim Miller (CAIDE, Computer Science), Prof Jeannie Paterson (CAIDE, Law) and Dr Claudia Sandberg (Film Studies) to address questions that arise from the understanding and use of AI in their different disciplines and the power that art and film holds to foreshadow or warn us of the way technology impacts our world.


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Forum 2 & 3

Melbourne Connect Superfloor
Tuesday, 17 August, 14:00
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